September Lessons:
Focus: Creativity:God was creative and calls us also to be creative.
Bible Verse:”God saw how good it was.” – Genesis 1:12c
What does the Bible teach us about worship?
September 6th: God Creates the Earth – Genesis 1:1-19
September 13th: God Creates Living Things – Genesis 1:20-25
September 20th: God Creates People – Genesis 1:26-2:4
“September 27th: God Creates Helpers – Genesis 2:10-23
On-line Sunday School Order of Worship:
Music Video #1
Music Video #2
Message from Ms. Rebecca
Deep Blue Bible Video
Warp Up
Music Video #3
Music Video #4
The length of this on-line Sunday School video is approximately 40 minutes.
Sunday School Journal Page 
Bible Story: God Creates Helpers – Genesis 2:10-23
Song #1: “Made for This” – Group Publishing
Song #2: “The Maker” – Chris August
Song #3: “Image of God” – We are Messengers
Song #4: “Everything” – TobyMac
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