CHILDREN’S ON-LINE Sunday school

Curriculum: Powell UMC uses “DIG IN” by Group Publishing. This year we will be DIGGING INTO The Bible in One Year! We will go on a whirlwind journey from Genesis to Revelation. The kids will experience a relationship with God through the eyes of ordinary Bible people. Kids will discover that they are a lot like people God has always loved and worked through! The weekly message around the verses and focus will be written and given by Ms. Rebecca every week!
On-line Sunday School Worship service music and a message by Ms. Rebecca.
Genesis: 27:32-33
Bible Story: “God Brings Jacob & Esau Back Together”
October Music:
Song #1: “What If” – Matthew West
Song #2: “Glorify” – Jordan Feliz
Song #3: “Right On Time” – Aaron Cole
Song #4: “Cling” – Lion & Bear
Song #5: “My Jesus” – Anne Wilson
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