Summer Webcast

Summer Webcast Series: Reckless Love, based on a book by Tom Berlin
6 part webcast series, Thursday evenings, July 16th through August 20th, 8:00 pm
There’s an outdated song that sings, “What the world needs now is love…” The music is old fashioned but the message speaks to us and our experience. Even more specifically, the world needs the love Jesus has called us to live. With our country struggling through the on-going cry for justice in response to racism and ethnic equality, you’re invited to participate in a 6 week webcast study on what it means to love those who are different from us. Tom Berlin is a United Methodist pastor and author. His writing is grounded in the teachings of Jesus and he helps us respond to the deeper call to love in ways that transcend differences, including the difference between black and white skin. I’ve discovered that racism, among other expressions that segregate and divide, moves us to be proactive in not only professing our love for all people but affirming our intention to be against systems, attitudes, and assumptions that perpetuate injustice.
To fully participate, we invite each person to purchase the book on their own. Both the paper and electronic version can be found here: Purchase the book: Reckless Love
Recorded Sessions: