Powell United Methodist Church is a community bound together by faith based in part on active prayer life in our community. The mission of the Prayer Ministry is “to develop and support programs that provide a deep-rooted realization and actualization of the power of prayer in the lives of individuals and the body of the church through connectional prayer.” Prayer connects us as children of God and changes us. The Prayer Ministry includes weekly email prayer connections and prayer resources in the library. We also offer leadership development opportunities for individual growth and for community growth such as Spiritual Retreats and special prayer opportunities offered throughout the year. Below are listed a few upcoming and ongoing ways to be in intentional prayer. To be included in the Prayer Ministry, please e-mail

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For weekly prayers, click HERE.

Join a group to learn and practice Centering Prayer, three sessions offered on Thursdays, Feb 9, 16, and 23rd 7pm. This ancient method of praying invites us into the heart of God as we experience God’s loving presence in silence. The hustle and bustle of life brings so much anxiety and disconnection. This way of prayer calls us into a deep place of love and peace, connecting our souls with God’s love, remembering we are held and loved. Facilitated by Pastor Katya. Sign up HERE.
The Prayer Box has moved! In 2020, when we couldn’t enter the building, but we still had prayers to pray, we created an outdoor prayer box which has been near the historic bell leading into the church. It has now moved a little east of that next to the labyrinth. Prayer cards are there for you to use and then you can drop them into the box. We will add them to the prayers we pray during the week.
Contact Kim La Rue,, for more information about Prayer Ministries.