Caring Ministries surrounds the congregation and community with love, support and care as Jesus did in his ministry work. All the ministries work together in caring in all ways – from walking with you during a time of crisis to yard care while recuperating from surgery. The lay caring ministries to the right are part of this comprehensive ministry, plus many more external resources such as therapeutic care, are available by calling the church office for recommendations at 614-847-3703


Stephen Ministry is a care ministry in our congregation and community in which trained and supervised lay persons, called Stephen Ministers, provide one-to-one Christian care to an individual facing a life challenge. The caring relationship can last a year or more with the Stephen Minister meeting with their care receiver on a consistent basis, usually once a week. People who receive care from a Stephen Minister…

  • Receive quality Christian care in a confidential setting
  • Work through their pain and grief with the help of a Christian friend
  • Learn that Stephen Ministers provide the care, God provides the cure
  • Come to value ministry from another lay person as well as with the pastor

If you are in need of care, contact us at to get in touch with the Stephen Ministry Referrals Coordinator. The Referrals Coordinator will meet with you to explain how Stephen Ministers provide care and to learn more about your needs. All information shared with the Referrals Coordinator will be held in strict confidence.

Watch a video of those who received a Stephen Minister


Powell United Methodist Church is a community bound together by faith based in part on active prayer life in our community. The mission of the Prayer Ministry is “to develop and support programs that provide a deep-rooted realization and actualization of the power of prayer in the lives of individuals and the body of the church through connectional prayer.” The Prayer Ministry includes weekly email prayer connections and prayer resources in the library. We also offer leadership development opportunities throughout the year. To be included in the Prayer Ministry, please


Our traveling prayer ministry is called the Prayer Tabernacle. At each event we invite people to write prayers on cloth strips which are hung from our tabernacle. We have a prayer circle at specific times to pray for the people and the circumstances of the event. The written prayers are brought back and given to our prayer team to include in their weekly prayers. This is our prayer ministry in the community. Contact to participate in our next event.


Caring Hearts is a ministry that provides food and hospitality during times of grief for our church members and friends during memorial and funeral services. The ministry can also be called upon to provide food or hospitality for special church events.
Contact the church office, to be a part of this ministry or for more information.


Available resources for parents, grandparents, former spouses, and other close relatives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people meets privately in homes of members. Please contact Marty Traver for more information, or

Resources: Book: What God has Joined Together: The Christian Case for Gay Marriage


Have you ever wanted to help, but weren’t sure how? Our transportation ministry provides rides to church and appointments for those who are unable to drive themselves.If you’re in need of a ride, just call the church office in advance and we’ll check with our drivers to find someone available to help. Our number is 614-847-3703.
If you’d like to help by being a driver,
contact and we’ll put you
on our driver list.  
Thanks for being a help to those who need it.


 Take advantage of this resource for employment sponsored by Powell UMC. Practice interview skills, receive accountability tips, and study the Bible connection with your job search. For more information, contact