Meet our Leadership Board at PUMC

The leadership model of a congregation serves its mission and ministry. Our structure enhances our purpose. Click the link below to learn more about our model.
The Leadership Board consists of 13 members, including the Senior Pastor. To contact the board, email Faith Williams,, or contact Pastor Justin Williams,
Meet our Leadership Board Members
Gillian Anantharaman:
I joined PUMC in 2013.
What I like most about PUMC is how welcome we feel and the many opportunities there are to be involved in worship, missions and small groups.
Karen Curren:
I joined PUMC in 1997.
I love being part of an active congregation! There are always opportunities to serve and learn.
Sheri Hilty:
I joined PUMC in 2015.
What I appreciate the most about Powell United Methodist Church are the people I’ve met who have helped me deepen my faith in Christ and grow my knowledge about the Bible. I treasure the relationships I’ve built through both worship participation and through volunteering with our Children’s Ministries program. I love that PUMC has so many opportunities to serve and to give back both to the church and to our community.
Bob Moranville:
I joined PUMC in 2009.
I love that PUMC is such a welcoming place. I feel uplifted when I go to church on Sunday morning and see so many smiling faces. I am also grateful to be a part of the effort the church puts into serving the community.
Carol Patitu:
I joined PUMC in 2023.
At PUMC there are many things that I love, but what I appreciate the most is the family atmosphere that I feel the minute I walk through the doors and throughout church, social time, Sunday School and beyond from the church family.
Kathy Perry:
I joined PUMC in 2002.
Being connected with hope-bringing people is what I like best about PUMC; there is a familial sense of belonging. I particularly love the wide ranging variety of small group opportunities where relationships are created, fostered, and deepened.
Ed Rainaldi:
I joined PUMC in 2009.
I appreciate how welcoming the people are at Powell and that lay people (adult, youth and children), clergy, and those that we serve have all brought me closer to God in many various and there own special ways.
Chuck Ring:
I joined PUMC in 2018.
My wife, Mary, and I were both raised in Christian homes and have always enjoyed becoming deeply involved in all aspects of our church families. Powell UMC is a strong, family oriented, faith-based community that allows us the opportunity to be part of sharing what God has done in our lives with others through a strong outreach programs while creating a warm sense of belonging with our wonderful friends in this congregation.
Mark Scott:
I joined in PUMC 2002.
That there are so, so many ways this congregation, from the leaders, to the members, to the children, serve as living witnesses and servants to the faith, joy and love of Christ, and yet still open to expanding our reach. It’s truly humbling.
Mark Thresher:
I joined PUMC in 1993.
I most appreciate the youth handbells.
Faith Williams, Board Chair:
I joined PUMC in 1997.
The warm welcome we experienced from members drew my husband and me to join PUMC, and the focus on missions locally and around the world is one of the things we love most about the congregation. It is a privilege to work along side so many others who are dedicated to being the hands and feet of Christ in our world.
Terry Troutman:
I joined PUMC in 2007.
The church family helped me through the loss of my wife and the friendships I have formed at PUMC are a major part of my life. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities our church offers to be involved in mission work here at home and in the “ world” as we spread Gods word.