Since 1981, Good Works has been worshiping God by providing shelter and a Community of Hope for our neighbors struggling with poverty in Appalachian Ohio. Good Works is a Christ-centered, 501(c)3, non-profit organization.
To learn more, visit Powell UMC has partnered with Good Works for several years and does several trips a year.
Food Prep Night for a Community Meal: Thursday, February 14th, 6-8 pm church kitchen Love cooking and helping others? Come to an evening of chopping, mixing, socializing and serving God as we prepare a healthy meal for a local community in Athens, OH. Bring your cutting board and your smile. Please register below. Contact with any questions.
Friday Night Life: Friday, February 15th, 2-9 pm We meet in the parking lot of the church, drive to the Athens area to serve and participate in the community meal. This is a place of sharing food and fellowship where people come from all walks of life. Please register below. Questions, contact Katya,
Good Works Mini Mission Trip: Experience a day-long mission trip with the people affected by poverty and under the leadership of Good Works that is committed to bring hope to those in need. Our time together will include being in community, doing service projects and some times of reflection. The service work usually does not require any special skills. It could be painting, cleaning or raking leaves. Visiting with people who are affected by poverty and being present with them will be included in the time of the serving project.
Cost: If you are spending the night, the overnight cost is $30.00. The food is $15.00 and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday. Our team will provide lunch and dinner for Good Works staff and volunteers on Saturday. So, our meals will include time of fellowship and getting to know more about Good Works ministry and missions. Watch for upcoming dates! Questions, contact


In June 2016 massive flooding impacted 44 out of 55 West Virginia counties. UMCOR and FEMA report that the flooding was more harmful than most natural disasters because of breadth, geography and inherent poverty. Rebuilding is expected to take until 2020 or 2021. Those who feel a nudge to go are invited to prayerfully consider being a part of the team. Although skills are important, people willing to simply help and offer the presence of Christ are equally important. The trip will provide time for reflection, relationship building and fun in addition to work.
Email if you feel called to offer hope and service in the midst of the disaster caused by flooding.
 Watch for upcoming mission dates!


Haiti Mission Trip, March 8-15, 2019: Experience God and the People of Haiti with HUT Outreach, our mission host. HUT Outreach is a non-profit organization that shares God’s love with the people of Haiti through nutrition, education, and healthcare. HUT Outreach will provide a hands on experience for our congregation to build relationships, be in community and work alongside the Haitian church community.
With questions and to sign up, contact


Mission– To resource and advocate for the education of children and young adults living in refugee camps in Sub Saharan Africa. Vision– We envision healthy, hopeful, productive and self-sufficient people, resettling and rebuilding their communities despite having been in refugee camps. Goal– In 2017, Watoto Read’s goal is to build 10 schools in refugee camps in Chad, Sub-Sahara Africa. Watoto Read is partnering with Jesuit Relief Service (JRS), a well-established humanitarian organization, to implement educational projects in refugee camps in Sub Sahara. JRS currently oversees the administrative needs of a large number of refugee camps globally and has infrastructure in place to provide for education; however, it is grossly under-resourced. Most refugees in Chad camps have fled violence in neighboring Sudan. An estimated 1.5 million refugee children in Chad alone are without access to education. The largest barrier is the lack of adequate shelter and sanitation. At present, children attend school outdoors under harsh sun with high temperatures, dusty winds, and occasional rain. Many parents are reluctant to send their children to school without proper shelter or sanitation facilities (bathrooms).
Awareness- We strive to raise awareness for this important cause. Many people don’t realize the need for education in refugee camps throughout Africa. Often, relief funds run out after providing for housing, food, and medical needs, and education remains unfunded. Primary Education- When the children of Darfur and their families fled their villages for their lives to Chad, they lost not only their homes but also their schools. Without education, a whole generation of children will be lost to the future, with little hope of becoming self-sufficientWatoto Read was founded in response to the global refugee crisis and overwhelming lack of access to education for children. Education provides stability and a sense of normalcy and acts as a form of vital psychosocial support to children whose lives have been affected by crisis. Education can also lessen a child’s vulnerability to child labor, sexual violence, recruitment into armed groups, or early marriage. Access to education is a fundamental human right.
Sub-Saharan Africa- Since the violence began in the Darfur region of Sudan, over a million people, including large numbers of women and children, became refugees in crowded camps in neighboring Chad. Though the tragic violence in Darfur does not get as much media attention these days, the needs of refugee children has not gone away. Safe and Accessible Schools- We are striving to provide safe structures so that children can get out of the elements to learn, close to where they live so that all children can walk to school. Parents are often reluctant to send their children to school if the conditions are unsafe and unsanitary.
Our goal at Powell UMC is to raise $10,000.00 to fund the construction of schools in Chad refugee camps. For $10,000, local teams will build and furnish a classroom that can educate 60 children as well as fund a teacher’s salary for 1 year.
We have met our ultimate goal for the TWO classroom, and we are still going strong!
Donation envelopes are available on the Watoto Read display table in the Main hall or in the pew pockets or you can donate on line.