Do you want to be a part of all the excitement in Children’s Ministries? Do you want to share the stories, teachings and love of the Bible with the children? We would love to have you be a part of Children’s Ministries!

There are so many ways to serve this ministry. If interested please provide your contact information below.
We are going to be having In-Person Children’s Sunday School at Powell UMC starting in October. We will only be offering a 9:30am In-Person Sunday School Class. 
Being a Sunday school leader is really easy! You are actually given a “script” to follow! Everything is preplanned and the room will be set up for you! You will pick which age group you would like to work with (preschool, kg & 1st or 2nd – 5th grade) and will remain in the same classroom during the entire Sunday School class with the same children.
Sunday School Leader Duties will be:
– Welcoming Children
– Announcements
– Review of the Monthly Focus
– Review of the Monthly Bible Verse
– Give a Refresher from last week or month
– Read the Scripture focus
– Lead in Journal Writing
– Prayer
– Tech Responsibilities (but will be trained): Show Lesson Video & Music Videos
ALL of this will be written out for you and you will be given a schedule as to what to do when! You are really a facilitator of the classroom. You are not giving a message! Ms. Rebecca will come into EVERY classroom at a different time per classroom to give the Bible Story Message! Every class will have a different schedule to allow Ms. Rebecca to get to every classroom. The schedule will be the same every week so you can plan accordingly!
Check – In Person:
This person will stand at the check-in station and check-in all children. We will have one location where all children will be dropped off by his/her parents and then the child will continue onto his/her classroom. This will eliminate the traffic in the close quarters of the hallway!
Check-In Duties will be:
– Welcome families and children
– find his/her registration form
– take temperature of each child and record on their registration form
– offer a mask if her/she forgot a mask (masks are required)
– squirt each child with hand sanitizer before going to his/her classroom
– hang around for a little bit in the hallway when class starts in case someone comes in late
If you want to volunteer complete the form below or have any questions contact Rebecca Brownlee.