All-Church Advent Bible Study

In All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas, a group of diverse Wesleyan scholars will take you on an Advent journey guided by the practices in John Wesley’s means of grace. Advent is a time of preparing the way for God. The study will look at the impact and significance of prayer, the substance of good works and caring for others, and sharing God’s mission to the world.
Join us in one of the 10 opportunities for small groups. All times of the day, many days of the week and in-person or online options are available.
Books need to be purchased on your own and registration is needed.
To register for adult studies, click HERE.
To register for the High School study, click HERE.
6:30pm – Men’s Group with Brian Riddle, begins Nov 29 *
10:00am –  TMG with Dave Woodyard, begins Nov 30
6:30pm – with Pastor Justin, begins Nov 30 *
1:00pm – with Mary Ring, begins Dec 1
6:00pm – High School with Pastor Hannah, begins Dec 1
8:00pm – Webcast with Pastor Katya, begins Dec 1
10:00am – hybrid with Kim La Rue, begins Dec 1 *
7:00pm – Women’s hybrid class with Kristina MacKenzie & Kim La Rue, begins Nov 18 *
9:30am – Women’s class with Lynda Wiley & Kim La Rue, begins Nov 19 *
9:30am – hybrid with Kim La Rue, begins Nov 21
10:45am – hybrid with Kathy Perry & Kim La Rue, begins Nov 21
*Nursery Care Available
Questions, contact