Provide and share a meal or spend an afternoon, morning or overnight with families at the Family Promise residence in downtown Delaware, OH. You will be a part of the Family Promise ministry helping homeless families achieve lasting independence.
Watch for hosts dates!  Currently, Family Promise is continuing to operate with a 24/7 staffed model to minimize traffic for safety during this time, so unfortunately we will not be asking for volunteers to serve at the house.   
Host churches are being asked to provide meals as always.  A sign up genius is below for you to sign up to provide a dinner.  Meals will be delivered to the house at 5:30.  
Donations towards a meal, house supplies, staffing, and all other essential functions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.  The generosity of our congregation to this ministry and so many others has been overwhelming and a wonderful blessing. CLICK HERE
to donate and put “Family Promise” in the Mission line. 
Thank you for supporting this mission as we share the love of Christ in this world!

Reflection from Karen Baesman, 
“For those of you who don’t know, PUMC was one of those involved in getting Family Promise started and our continued support for this ministry is displayed through all who give your time, make donations, and hold the ministry in your prayers. I just left the house a couple of hours ago, thankful I have a car to drive and a house and family to come home to. But I am also thankful that I had the opportunity to read with some young children, to play with toddlers and to provide an ear for some young mothers. Family Promise continues to bless my life. It reminds me of the many ways I have been blessed. It connects me with people who may seem different than me in many ways, but who really are like me in the sense that they are trying to care for their families. And perhaps most importantly, it teaches me patience and faith as I wait to see if we will find enough volunteers!! I am sure that you will be blessed by your experience with Family Promise as well!”
To serve email Pastor Katya Brodbeck,
To learn more about Family Promise visit