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Our Leadership Board Statement of Response

A Message from The Leadership Board of Powell United Methodist Church
Reaction continues following the February General Conference of The United Methodist Church. The highest legislative body of our denomination took action that defeated what was called The One Church Plan, a proposal to remove restrictive language in The Book of Discipline regarding human sexuality, while giving more freedom for United Methodists to consider these matters within the context of their settings for ministry and mission. At a recent meeting, our board members approved the following statement and we share it with you, inviting your continued prayer and faithfulness.

The Leadership Board of Powell UM Church is disappointed by the recent action of the General Conference because it eliminates the possibility of differences within our denomination including the opportunity for individual conferences and churches to decide matters of human sexuality at their own governing level. We grieve the hurt it has caused, especially to the LGBTQ+ community. We continue to welcome and support the lives, ministries, and families of LGBTQ+ persons. We recognize the diverse nature of our global denomination. We know that not all United Methodists feel or think the same regarding these issues. The defeat of The One Church Plan is a lost opportunity to focus on the power of the gospel to hold us together despite our differences. In this light, we strongly reaffirm that Powell UM Church remains committed to our Mission of “Responding to the Reality of God by Sharing Christ’s Love with Everyone.”

Our congregation continues in our ongoing work of being God’s people in the world. Your place in this effort is important and we value each member and friend of Powell UM Church. In addition to what we have stated above, we renew our commitment to serve in the name of Jesus Christ, whom God sent into the world, as the Gospel of John so beautifully makes clear, not “to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:17)

Phil Constans, Chair
Kathy Perry
Mark Scott
Dave Holliday
Ed Rainaldi
Kris Shoaf
Steve Henderly
Sheri Hilty
Faith Williams
Sara Kaka
Todd Hardesty
Joy Waldron
Larry Brown, Pastor