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The goal of the Peace and Justice ministry team is to educate themselves and others concerning topics such as economics, racism, criminal justice, international relations, and ecology. The team advocates thoughtful actions to promote the well-being of all people and the planet. Past activities have included hosting Spirit-Filled Christmas Giving events and a presentation on refugee issues. Team members led a class on how to have grace-filled conversations on hot-button subjects. Also, some of the group members have had leadership roles in studies and discussions of racial issues. An ongoing project is selling Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and other food items to support small-scale farmers. For more information on the Peace and Justice ministry, contact Kathy Inamura or Mary Ellen Hatton.
The Peace and Justice team is leading the formation of an Arrival Team in association with Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) to welcome refugees to the Columbus area. We are looking for other interested people to join this effort. Being on an Arrival Team will be a time-limited commitment. Contact Kathy Inamura for more information, or sign up here.
Racial Injustice Resources to raise awareness, educate, and learn more about the issues of racism in the world

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