A vision for a better future… What beautiful place do you dream of? Fording streams, discovering the beauty of the desert, climbing mountains or crossing the ocean, or something else? Why is it pleasant or peaceful for you?
This has been a season of uncertainty, discomfort and distress. We have been isolated, sick or inconvenienced. And we are not sure what to do with all of it. And it appears this state of being may not be over yet. When we can’t go to those beautiful places that we long for, we need another alternative.
Our Summer Reading Program at PUMC has its origin in continuous learning and faith development. That’s great, but this summer we also need encouragement and inspiration. We need to believe that God is with us and there is hope afoot in the world.
Summer 2020 is “Books, movies, stories and more.” We want to dive into stories of overcoming and thriving, of struggle and not giving up, of uncertainty and faith. But we live in a time when books are not our only resource! There are many mediums that can give us hope and encouragement. This year we’ve added movies, TV series, podcasts and music. We are not without resources.
So, join in! We are on the move to places we have not imagined but they are places of hope.

Send us a short video of you talking about your favorite from the summer!
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***These brochures are also available in hard copy. You can pick up a copy from the bin outside the glass doors at the church. Children’s brochures will be available June 9th.***
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