The Flood Gates Are Open

There are times when it feels like the floodgates are open. Our expectations of ourselves and others are very high. Life seems to be lived at a frenetic pace…like everything is moving so fast, we can’t keep up. It can be distressing and overwhelming.
And other times we are flooded with joy! Life is good! Things are clipping along at a happy, sailing-along kind of pace. Everything is going well and all our loved ones are safe and secure.
This summer seems like a “floodgates are open” kind of year. And in our collective community, both of these realities are true. What keeps us on track is our undergirding of faith. We know deep in our souls that being Disciples of Christ keeps us from sinking when we are overwhelmed and keeps us from getting too comfortable when things are great. 
Join us by signing up and letting us know how you do. Summer reading is from June 1 – August 31. The floodgates are open and anything is possible! You can do it! You can fill your summer with reading, be inspired and win a prize!
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