The devotions are written by the members of our congregation to inspire us and deepen our walk of faith during the Lenten season. This year’s theme is “God’s Relentless Grace.” A hard copy of the booklet is also available in the Main Hall. Feel free to share with your family members and friends.
God’s Relentless Grace – Acceptance without Measure
Grace. It is something unmerited, unearned, undeserved. As difficult as it is for us to understand why our good God would allow bad things to happen, it is equally difficult to understand why our holy God would gift us with grace when we do not deserve it. But that’s the thing, it’s hard for us to fully understand the breadth and width of God’s love for us and all humanity.
So, stories are one of the ways for us to begin to understand grace. These stories are from our congregation. People like you who are willing to write their stories down so we can resonate with them and ponder God’s grace in our own lives.
When we recognize God’s grace it allows us to dare to believe that God loves us and that we might be useful to God. God has a vision for each of us. And grace is what allows us to leave our past hurts and sins behind. We are forgiven. We have come home to God’s grace which showers down upon us. We can now share that with others. We can be grace-giving to others.
Throughout this Lenten devotional booklet you will see story after story of people realizing God’s grace in various ways. Sometimes they have understood this amazing grace their whole lives.
And sometimes it’s sudden and out-of-nowhere bringing us to our knees in praise of the God of the universe.
We pray that this booklet will be a blessing to you this Lenten season.
Kim La Rue
Adult Ministries and Membership Care

The Season of Lent Lent is the season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. The season of Lent is a preparation for celebrating Easter. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday, after the first full moon,  after the vernal equinox. For this reason, Easter is never the same date two years in a row.

Lent is a time for penance by all Christians. The First Sunday describes Jesus’ temptation by Satan; and the Sixth Sunday (Passion/Palm Sunday), Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his subsequent suffering and death. Because Sundays are always little Easters, the penitential spirit of Lent should be tempered with joyful expectation of the Resurrection.

Ash Wednesday emphasizes a duel encounter: we confront our own mortality and confess our sin before God within the community of faith. The use of ashes as a sign of mortality and repentance has a long history in Jewish and Christian worship, and the Imposition of Ashes can be a powerful nonverbal and experiential way of participating in the call to  repentance and reconciliation.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and continues through the great three days from Sunset on Holy Thursday through sunset Easter day. This is the  climax of Lent and the whole Christian year, and a bridge into the Easter season. These days proclaim the mystery of Jesus Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. During these days, the community journeys with Jesus from the upper room, to the cross, to the tomb, and to the garden.