“With Thankful Hearts”

November 6th we start a new devotional series: “With Thankful Hearts”. It will be on the PUMC website, social media and in e-notes sent to you in the morning. November is the perfect month to ponder thanksgiving and gratitude because it’s already in our minds. But we’ll take a deeper dive into how it might be a 24/7, every day, all year long posture for our lives. How might it help us and those around us?
Check out my video here that describes our devotional series. And watch for other videos on Wednesdays in this place that will talk about thankful hearts. Link to video
The approach to “With Thankful Hearts” will be to ponder three questions…
· Why are we reluctant to be thankful?
· What do we have to be thankful for?
· How do we authentically give thanks?
So, get ready for your thanksgiving celebration at the end of the month, but stop in daily to ponder turning to God with a thankful heart.
Kim La Rue