Meet the Powell UMC Ministry Team

Larry Brown 
Senior Pastor


Katya Brodbeck
Associate Pastor 
Dave Woodyard 
Pastoral Care Minister


Sandy Huber
Deacon in Residence 
Kim La Rue
Director of Adult Ministries and Membership Care


Rebecca Brownlee
Children’s Ministries Director
Hannah Ewald
Youth Ministries Director


Jody Hepp 
Music Ministries Director


Debbie Wenner
Office Manager


Don Moore 
Finanial Assistant 
Patty Moore
Office Assistant 



Rob Hoffmann


Jason Hiester 
Organist and Adult Bell Choir Director
Debbie Thresher 
Children’s Bell Choirs Volunteer Director
Sherryl Gilsdorf
Children’s Choir Volunteer Director
Karen Baesman 
Cherub Choir Volunteer Director
Dia Gallagher
Nursery Ministries Coordinator
Alan Shore
Minister of Maintenance 


Russ Malcolm
Cleaning Crew
Jason McDougle
Cleaning Crew